This July 2023, MC4 welcomed a new partner in the consortium: NOMA RESINS. NOMA is a SME from Poland, specializing in the production of resins, in particular epoxy resins.

NOMA RESINS headquarters

In MC4, NOMA will take part in the development of the long term carbon fibre recycling process. More specifically, the company will work on the reuse of the liquid fraction generated by the solvolysis process, and on the enhancement of the potential industrial use of the project’s results thanks to an improved processability and compatibility of retreived fibres by synthesis of dedicated modifiers.

Overall, NOMA will allow MC4 to improve the circularity of its processes, and to facilitate the uptake of the results by the industry.

The offer of NOMA also includes auxiliary materials necessary in the technological process of composite production. NOMA produces, among others, prepregs in the form of textiles and tapes as well as SMC/BMC materials (also with recyclate) and composite elements (e.g. for public transport). Taking advantage that NOMA produces their own formulation, the company has the ability to personalize their resin products and improve them in cooperation with clients and according to their needs.