Carbon fibres composites chemical recycling (Gaiker)

Gaiker Technological Center one of the MC4 project partners is currently doing tests for the chemical recycling of the carbon fibre composites. The process corresponds to a solvolyse which is the long term solution for the recycling of these fibres. This method will allow to obtain the fibres and reuse them as fabric or nonwoven… Continue reading Carbon fibres composites chemical recycling (Gaiker)

MC4 mid -term Achievements

Before we close the year 2023, we look back on the achievements of the MC4 project since its launch in April 2022. MC4: Context and objectives The primary objective of the MC4 project is to develop effective and economically viable recycling methods for composites made from thermoset materials, including both carbon and glass fibres. This… Continue reading MC4 mid -term Achievements

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Cooperation with r-LightBioCom

MC4 teams up with r-LightBioCom! Sustainability in materials and material processes can take many forms: MC4 and r-LightBioCom provide different approaches complemeting each other, further leading to additional opportunities to change the European industry. r-LightBioCom aims at developing bio-based and sustainable raw materials with inherent recyclability properties and related processing and production processes to enable… Continue reading Cooperation with r-LightBioCom