MC4 presented at the EPC4 Annual Conference

On May 4, Alaitz Rekondo, head of the Polymers and Composites unit at CIDETEC, partner of the MC4 project, participated in the Annual Conference ECP4 entitled “Trends in polymers and composites circularity. From advanced materials to industrial applications”. The event was held in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain).  She presented the MC4 project, its goals, and the great challenge of CIDETEC to demonstrate that a thermoforming process is a feasible approach for obtaining new products from recycled vitrimer composites.

CIDETEC presented MC4 at the ECP4 annual conference

ECP4 is a European platform driven by the composites, plastics and polymer converting industry, bringing together leading European research institutions, regional plastics clusters and European industry organizations of plastics and composites converters. ECPR facilitates informal networking between innovative partners. Taking advantage of different levels of expertise, it identifies opportunities for collaborative research and development that generate industrial innovation. In this way, it helps the European plastics and composites sectors to improve their competitiveness in the global economy.

On this opportunity, the objective of the event was achieved as it led to a very lively discussion on the current trends in circularity of polymers and composites, a very hot topic, among attendees and participants such as members of the Basque innovation agency, European Commission, CDTI, EuPC, universities, R&D research centres, startups, and companies.