Cooperation with r-LightBioCom

MC4 teams up with r-LightBioCom! Sustainability in materials and material processes can take many forms: MC4 and r-LightBioCom provide different approaches complemeting each other, further leading to additional opportunities to change the European industry.

r-LightBioCom aims at developing bio-based and sustainable raw materials with inherent recyclability properties and related processing and production processes to enable a new family of lightweight HPCs. ‚ÄčThe idea is to reduce the environmental impact of lightweight HPC, not only during their production, but also during use and end-of life phases. Also, tailored circular design and modelling tools are required to encompass circular design together with improved functionality, weight reduction and inherent recyclability properties. Results will be validated in automotive, infrastructure and aeronautical use cases.

Funded by the European Union