Amura dissemination activities

Navilia 2024 exhibition

Amura, one of the project partners is a Spanish boatbuilding company in charge of developing boat parts made of recycled carbon fibre composites. To do so, they are working on manufacturing a rooftop and a pillar.

Last month, they had the opportunity to present their work during the Navilia 2024 exhibition. This event was a great dissemination opportunity as it is an international shipbuilding exhibition held from the 21st to the 23rd of May at the IFEVI in Vigo’s Exhibitions Center.

Moreover, it was an opportunity to present the MC4 project to the public and companies in the maritime sector. They highlighted the circular process of carbon fibre recycling, underlining the crucial role of Amura plays in this field. To do so, they built a detailed display illustrating each stage of the circular recycling process, which captured the attention of numerous visitors.

In addition to the presentation of the MC4 project, this event was a way to promote the role of European projects in fostering innovation and research and encouraged the creation of future collaborations and synergies. Amura successfully presented the evolution of the boatbuilding industry towards more sustainable and innovative raw materials and manufacturing technologies.

Future dissemination event

For those who are interested in the topic of sustainable boatbuilding and recycled fibre composites: Amura will be present on Metstrade Amstredam next November, with updated products and information about the development of their circular boat parts.

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